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Everett Sokol

For some people, choosing a career path can be a very overwhelming experience.  With so many choices, not knowing personal strengths and not knowing much outside of the traditional careers can leave a graduating student’s head spinning.  Not so with Everett Sokol.  He knew in grade 8 that he wanted to be a Director. The feeling he got when he was watching a great movie was one that he wanted others to feel when they watched one of his movies!

Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Everett was known for being a movie buff, but he was mostly known for his athletic abilities, and involvement in his high school.  He played on every sports team, some at a national level and was involved in the student union, organizing the school’s first pep rally.  Using sports as an analogy, he knew that it would be impossible to coach a baseball team if he’d never stepped foot on a ball diamond, so he chose to first learn the art of live performances.  He enrolled in, and excelled at drama classes and won the Drama and Musical Theatre awards in his senior year. Everett also entered the Obelisk Film Festival where he won the Cinematography Award for his very first try at filmmaking.

Next he was accepted in the renowned MacEwan University Theatre Arts program where he would graduate with a Theatre Arts Diploma after having the lead (John Proctor) in the production of The Crucible in his first year.  During his second year, Everett also got the lead role of Jimmy Winter in Nice Work If You Can Get It, as well the role of Ram Sweeney in Heathers, The Musical. Everett received accolades for his work during his time at MacEwan University including the Sandra Leah Page Scholarship, and the Dr. Chowdhury Voice Clinic Award. For more on Everett's Theatre career click here.

Everett then was accepted in the Motion Picture Arts (MPA) Program at Red Deer College where he is currently finishing the 4th year of the applied degree program.  During his time in the MPA program, he has directed several short films including The Dancer, a 23-minute film that questions the motivation for creating and sharing art versus entertainment.  He also directed Pack Your Bags, a mysterious film about a mans need to urgently leave his home, and Yard Work, a thought provoking 9-minute film shot in 24 hours, that leaves the audience debating and discussing the plot.  To see Everett's Demo Reel, click here. Everett also acted in several short films in the MPA program including the role of Warren in Elevation Unknown. During his time in the MPA program, Everett was awarded the Red Deer College Screenwriters Scholarship as well as the Banff Media Festival Scholarship. Everett was also awarded the national William F. White Inc. Vilmos Zsigmond Scholarship at the Bell Lightbox Theater at TIFF.

Everett’s well-rounded experience is one of the qualities that makes him unique.  In addition to directing, he’s held a variety of roles in film productions including Director of Photography, Editor and First Assistant Director. He has the technical training and experience of performing in live productions, as well as acting on film.  As a Director, he knows how to inspire actors to give their best performances because he knows what it’s like to be in front of, as well as, behind the camera.

The challenge Everett found was not in choosing a career, but rather in harnessing all of his creative ideas and finding time to take those ideas and turn them into films to be shared with others. 

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